We Are All In One IT Solution & Internet Provider Company

Unitic Limited was started with a primary objective of bridging the divide between non-technology savvy customers and technical solution providers.

We therefore became Systems integrators able to deal with a variety of systems across multiple platforms and consolidate all to work as one centrally controlled system. We also have a very keen focus on turn-key project implementation to ensure the clients’ needs are always catered for in the highest of standards possible.

Strategy & Vision

Unitic Limited aspires to be at the forefront of technical innovation, always empowering its clientele to be ahead of the competition with the latest technology in its respective fields.

To ALWAYS be in a central position in guiding our clients on their real requirements as opposed to perceived needs and then to design and deliver the right implementation of systems and technology to achieve the most resilient and cost effective overall solution.

Unitic Limited and its directors have a proven record for honesty, transparency and humility. These are the core values that guide every aspect of our business and social interactions.

Our Services


Unitic offers a range of tariffs packaged monthly depending on your speed requirement, meaning that whatever type of broadband user you are, there’s a tariff suitable for you.


For corporate Internet solutions ( Fibre, Wireless and VSAT links), we believe that we are better placed to cater for Corporate Broadband solutions as Unitic provides unique solutions tailored to your company’s requirements, such as:-

  • High Speed Broadband dedicated Internet Connectivity
  • VPNs over Broadband.
  • Mail server setup and maintenance
  • Network and appliance setup, support and maintenance
  • Systems Integration
  • Flexible AMC solutions


We offer support and guidance to businesses on implementation of new and improved IT solutions, IT systems, software, upgrading of hardware or server systems and security protocols.

We work on core principled code of practice to ensure that we are providing the best consultancy for your business and IT department:-

  • Concrete understanding of your business and objectives.
  • Develop and implement a IT support package and services that satisfies your business goals.
  • Flexibility of support depending on the growth and change of your business.
  • Recruiting qualified and professional personnel to deal with the dynamics of evolving IT services and products.
  • Satisfaction Delivered. The combination of all above means that we often exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of service delivery.

We Would Like To Hear From You Anytime